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For the price of a cup of coffee with "fancy milk" per day, you can transform your health & fitness. We have split payment options available!


Preferably, having some training experience and basic knowledge of how to perform standard exercises is required.


That’s most likely because they were unrealistic and unsustainable. Rest assured, the methods we use at Perform are designed customised plans based on the education and experience we have gained over the years from coaching. We will work closely with you to find both a training and diet plan that works for you and that is sustainable long term.


You have access to the exercise library within your personalised coaching hub which includes both a video tutorial and a description of how to perform the exercise. You can also send a video recording of yourself performing the exercise to your Perform coach, and we will evaluate it and give you feedback.


All meal plans are customised for you based on your goals, calorie requirements, lifestyle and likes. After receiving your initial client forms, your Perform coach will decide what approach is best for you depending on your previous relationship and dieting experiences with food. Josh will educate you on a flexible and sustainable approach to nutrition.