Nick – Tier 2 Coaching – Prep / Lifestyle

250 / month

With this tier you will be coached by Head Coach Nick. Nick is a prep coach and our main lifestyle coach. A very experienced coach who specialises in male and female body composition transformations. The lifestyle side of coaching looks into a more balanced sustainable approach. Nick will help you achieve your goals whilst simultaneously ensuring enjoyment of the process is present. This Tier involves everything mentioned in Tier 1. Your plan will be tailored towards your goals with a clear timeframe and progressive roadmap. Check ins, amendments and training analysis will be via Loom recording once per week.

Any immediate queries and midweek updates will be relayed through WhatsApp. Reply time to both platforms will be <36hours, though given the speed of WhatsApp as a method of relaying feedback, the reply time will typically be less than 24 hours. You are free to ask as many questions as you wish pertaining to training, nutrition, supplementation etc. during your check-ins, and can expect a highly detailed response.

Pricing for this tier is set at €200 per month. This would be the tier suggested for those looking for a detailed level of guidance and support, and for those who would benefit from frequent communication and the ability to ask more questions and learn more during the process.